132 Self Adhesive Magnets – Dots

The perfect self adhesive magnets for your craft activities, made from high quality magnetic material. They have a super adhesive, easy peel backing to apply to your homemade craft. You can cut these self adhesive magnets down very easily with scissors too! Please keep in mind that these are our smallest magnets and they won’t hold up everything. However, they are used by thousands of people successfully each week.

Most suitable for lighter craft purposes such as paper crafts and they are ideal when doing crafts with kids either at home or at school. This is because stronger magnets such as ceramic ferrite and neodymium are not safe for use with children, however, we do recommend adult supervision at all times as these do present a choking hazard. These are also the smallest magnet shapes we stock so please bear that in mind.
We do not recommend these magnets for attracting to each other, these is due to the multiple polarities running through them. This means they will not attract perfectly to one another if needed to create clasps on envelopes or bags etc. If you require magnets like this, we recommend looking at our magnetic bookmark listing as these are cut specifically for this use.

If you are unsure at all about whether these magnets are suitable for your project, please contact us so we can advise you.

Please make sure the magnets you choose are the ones you need to avoid disappointment.

Each type of magnet is unique and they have different strengths to each other.

For information on Delivery Times and Payment, please refer to The Magnet Shop’s Terms & Conditions on this site.

  • 12.5mm Diameter
  • 1mm thick, strong magnet
  • Can be easily cut with scissors
  • Easily peeled and very sticky, making application much smoother
  • Special Discounts for larger quantities – please enquire via e-mail