Self-Adhesive Magnetic Squares (25mm²) for Crafts

Each pack contains 54 or 108 magnetic squares that are 25mm² and a thickness of 0.85mm or 1.5mm

Please make sure the magnets you choose are the ones you need to avoid disappointment!

These are most suitable for lighter crafting purposes and for kids crafts, where stronger magnets such as ceramic ferrite and neodymium are unsafe to use with children.
They are very easy to apply and are made from high quality flexible magnetic material with a hi-tack adhesive on the reverse.

25mm² (per square)
0.85mm or 1.5mm thicknesses available
54 or 108 squares per pack
Can be easily cut with scissors or a crafting knife
Easily peeled and very sticky, making application much smoother.

Special discounts are available for larger quantities – please message us to enquire!

These magnets are very easy to apply and are made from high quality magnetic material with a high quality self-adhesive on the reverse.

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