///Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheet (Approx. A4) (1.5mm Thickness) by The Magnet Shop®

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheet (Approx. A4) (1.5mm Thickness) by The Magnet Shop®


1836 in stock

Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet 1.5mm Extra Thick Magnet Strong Pull For Craft/Dots

1836 in stock

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Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheet (1.5mm Thickness)

This self-adhesive magnetic sheet is a fantastic way of making magnetic signs for vehicle advertising. Each magnetic sheet has a pull force of 75g/cm² making it strong enough to stay attached to a moving vehicle but also flexible enough to remove or swap at any time, without marking your vehicle. As well as this, you can cut these magnetic sheets very easily with scissors, therefore any size sheet can be achieved which in turn, makes these sheets ideal for making your own fridge magnets and other craft purposes.

Our self-adhesive magnetic sheet is also perfect for organising your dies as customers will be able to easily hole-punch these sheets and store them in spellbinders. This keeps your dies safe, tidy and will help prevent any loss or damage to your wonderful collection! However, we recommend if you are using these magnetic sheets for die storage that due to the flexible nature of the product, you should attach a stiff card to the self-adhesive side.

Please note, customers very often purchase this material without fully understanding what it is used for. Although these sheets are ‘magnetic’ they are not magnetically receptive and consequently we would not recommend customers to use them for storing or displaying magnets. For this customers will require a rubber steel (ferrous) sheet of which you can find at the link here.

  • 305mm x 182.5mm in size (Approx. A4)
  • 1.5mm thick [Motorway Grade Strength]
  • Very adherent backing made with high quality self-adhesive
  • Ideal for making signs for cars and vans, etc.
  • Strong pulling power of 75g/cm², will withstand speeds of 70mph and above
  • Easily cut with scissors, knife or paper cutter
  • Perfect for storing dies in spellbinders
  • Easily hole-punched and glued
  • Attach your own design to the self adhesive side to make fridge magnets


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