1 x A2 High Quality Self Adhesive Rubber Steel Ferrous Sheet

This ferrous sheet is flexible and made of a rubber steel that will attract magnets to it. It has a self adhesive backing and you can use it for many craft applications. These ferrous sheets are especially popular to be used in tabletop games such as Warhammer, where it is used to make your own movement trays and display bases. This provides a much more improved and easier way of moving your army around the battlefield.

As well as this, they are commonly used to create a display area for magnets. Many of our customers will line the back of photo frames with these ferrous sheets so they have an attractive display for magnets.

PLEASE NOTE – This material is magnet receptive and is NOT A MAGNET. It will not be attracted to metal surfaces but instead acts as a metal surface. This means that magnets will attract to it, but the sheet will not attract to metal.

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  • They have a high ferrous content making them receptive to magnets.
  • One side is magnet-receptive and the other adhesive.
  • This material is ideal for transforming any surface into a magnet-receptive display area.
  • It is easy to handle and can be readily cut with either a craft knife or good quality scissors.