Magnetic To Do List and Weekly Planner

With 4 Dry Erase Pens

  • WHAT YOU GET – A3 (42cm x 30cm), Slim A3 (~42cm x 15cm) or A4 (30cm x 21cm) multifunctional magnetic whiteboard designed to be your personal planner and organiser. Flexible, with a fully magnetic backing and dry erase finish, the memo board is suitable for use in a variety of environments from home to office. You also get 4 free multicoloured whiteboard pens.
  • FULLY CUSTOMISABLE – The planner has 6 tick boxes for each day on the A3 and A4 versions, whereas the Slim A3 has 15 tick boxes.  You can use the spaces to write business tasks, household chores, meals, or whatever else comes to mind. There is also a generously sized notes section for everything else that life throws at you during the week.  Each of the tick box sections are left blank for you to use as creatively as you would like to and to help with managing your daily and weekly requirements.  Organising your life couldn’t be simpler!
  • VERSATILE – Why not use it as a weekly family planner at home or a staff rota in the office? You could use tick boxes as a key to assign family/staff names to colours and to keep track of jobs and chores.  Alternatively, you could keep it as a conventional tick box to mark completed jobs. The neutral designs means it’ll suit any home or office décor.  Use the Notes section for writing in depth comments or creating a detailed colour key with the accompanied coloured dry wipe pens.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made in the UK from fine materials so you can be sure your new magnetic memo board will last a lifetime. Our whiteboards are made in a 3 layer process; flexible magnetic base, premium paper, then digitally printed to the highest of standards and finished with our premium specialist gloss ensuring a long lasting dry wipe surface. Wherever possible, we work with ethically audited suppliers to ensure our products are made from sustainable materials.  Buy with confidence!
  • GENUINE PRODUCT – Packed securely in our TMS branded packaging so you can be sure the product you’re getting is genuine. If it doesn’t bear our mark then it’s counterfeit. Accept no fakes!

Product Description:

A multifunctional planner with a fully magnetic backing and our premium dry erase finish. The organiser can be bought in A3, slim A3 or A4 size.  You also receive 4 dry wipe pens, in the following colours: black, blue, green and red.  These pens have a magnetic strip and a felt tip eraser built into the pen lid to make it easier to store and use your pens.  This board even works great as a notice or memo board

The To Do List has our premium glossy surface, perfect for use with any of our dry wipe pens. See our store for more options! Like many of our other memo boards, this one is digitally printed with state of the art equipment and then laminated to a piece of flexible, high quality magnetic backing. This makes it much more durable than a paper calendar, with the bonus of being reusable all year, every year.

Our colourful magnetic dry wipe marker pens that accompany your planner are a great way to help you stay organised.  Each of our markers have a sponge or felt eraser on the end to make cleaning up at the end of the week quick and easy. Use the different colours to further organise and coordinate your tasks.

Produced in the UK using specialist manufacturing and printing methods from top quality materials that are sustainably and ethically sourced. Buy with the confidence that you’re getting a product that will last a lifetime.


  1. To ensure the maximum lifespan, avoid leaving oil and dust staining by regularly cleaning the board with a cloth and warm, soapy water.  Please ensure that the cloth does not have any grit on it, or you may permanently damage the dry erase surface.
  2. Always use the right markers. Only use water-based pens, as it is not compatible with oil-based marker pens.
  3. The memo board can only stick to magnetically receptive surfaces. For example, fridge doors, filing cabinets, iron doors and shelves etc. Not compatible with stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and wood.


Please read all of the delivery & payment information on this page before proceeding with purchase.

Small parts, such as pen lids and magnets, can cause a choking hazard, please keep away from children under 3 years and supervise older children at all times.