Self-adhesive magnetic strips available in a wide range of sizes to suit every application. The strips are a perfect solution in any situation where a strong join is needed whilst maintaining the option to separate the two surfaces. An example would be a wardrobe door which will not stay shut. Simply adhere one half of the magnet pair to the door and the other half to the wardrobe body to form a join between them. The strips will hold together to keep the door closed and then when it needs to be opened the door can be pulled as normal. Upon closing the magnetic join will reform and hold the surfaces together again!

Other uses include:

  • Mounting pictures and other objects
  • Forming a reusable seal between 2 surfaces
  • Making magnetic clasps and latches
  • Scrapbooking and other crafts

And much more besides! Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to advise on the most suitable product for your project.

These sticky magnet pairs are useful in a wide variety of craft applications. Why not make a magnetic clasp to hold an envelope or card together. They can really spice up save the date magnets and bring them to life! Or perhaps you want to make your own magnetic bookmarks (alternatively, see our bookmark magnets for this exact purpose!)