A3+ Magnetic Whiteboard (300mm x 500mm)

WHAT YOU GET: A larger than A3 size magnetic whiteboard (300mm x 500mm), finished with our premium gloss and 4 dry erase pens with magnets and erasers built into the pen lid.

VERSATILE: Display on any magnetically receptive surface to use as a Memo or Notice Board. The glossy white colour means it’s just as at home on the kitchen fridge as it is on an office filing cabinet. You can even trim them to size and make magnetic labels with a pair of sharp household scissors.

BE CREATIVE: Comes with a pack of 4 dry erase pens and a magnet allowing you to store it right next to your whiteboard. The different colours enable you to organise your thoughts, and highlight certain words and phrases.

HIGH QUALITY: Made from some of the finest materials so you can be sure that your new magnetic whiteboard will have several years of use with proper care. With state of the art, professional glossing process, we ensure a dry erase surface that’s designed to last. Wherever possible, we work with ethically audited suppliers to ensure our products are made from sustainable materials, so buy with confidence!

GENUINE PRODUCT – Packed securely in our TMS branded packaging so you can be sure the product you’re getting is genuine. If it doesn’t bear our mark then it’s counterfeit. Accept no fakes!

This top quality magnetic whiteboard offers a great and versatile addition to your learning, planning or organising. You can post it on your fridge, whiteboards and metal filing cabinets. The vibrant coloured pens ensure that they are eye catching and they will stand out from the rest. These boards work perfectly at home, office, factory or school.

With a large surface area, you can display your thoughts or ideas in an easy to read and clear manner. The dry wipe nature of the labels make them really easy to clean and reuse. We also stock various colours of Dry Wipe pens that will work perfectly with this as well as our other planners, magnetic sticky notes and dry wipe labels.

With a thickness of 0.5mm, the magnets are plenty strong to stay on whiteboards, fridges or even metal shelving, and they will still be easy enough to move around or even remove and then reposition entirely. The materials used are of the best quality within the UK, so that we can ensure that each of our products will have a long lifespan with multiple uses.


To ensure the maximum lifespan, avoid leaving oil and dust staining by regularly cleaning the board with a cloth and warm soapy water. Please ensure that the cloth does not have any grit on it, or you may permanently damage the dry erase surface.

Always use the right markers. Only use water-based markers, as oil based marker pens are not compatible with this product.

The memo board can only stick to iron objects and magnetically receptive surfaces. For example, fridge doors, filing cabinets, iron doors and shelves etc. Not compatible stainless steel, aluminium and plastic objects.