5 Neodymium Pin Magnets – For Use With Whiteboards, Notice Boards and Maps in the Office, Home and Kitchen

Super Strength N35 Grade

5 sliver neodymium memo magnets in small, medium or large packs. A simple yet stylish storage solution for all your notes and documents. Suitable for any home, kitchen or office.

Small: 12mm (diameter) x 16mm (height)
Medium: 16mm (diameter) x 20mm (height)
Large: 20mm (diameter) x 25mm (height)

– QUANTITY: 5 pins per pack
– COLOUR: Silver
– WHAT YOU GET: 5 skittle pin magnets, size (as above) made from extra strong N35 grade neodymium.
– POWERFUL holding force: will grip to any magnet receptive surface (fridges, whiteboards etc) with ease. Keep all your important notes and documents in view and organised! Even the
smallest of these will hold more than 10 sheets of paper to a vertical surface.
– ERGONOMIC design: easy to grip handle with a smooth, polished surface prevents discomfort/injury when moving them.
– DURABLE casing made from nickel coated steel, ensuring your magnets will last for many years. These are robust and impact resistant, so can be handled roughly and dropped without
risk of breakage. Manufactured using industrial grade materials, they are just as suitable for factory use as they are in an office or kitchen.
– STYLISH silver colour integrates seamlessly into any colour scheme and any room. Magnets are advantageous over adhesive/glue based solutions as they won’t leave any residue or
cause damage to a surface when removed, keeping your furniture protected.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries!

We strongly recommend due to the strength of these magnets to keep them away from children. Neodymium is amongst the strongest of magnets, it carries a risk of trapping skin and, if swallowed, they can cause damage to the digestive tract.