14 Pack of Yellow Neodymium Magnets – Magnetic Push Pins

These neodymium magnets are shaped just like regular push pins but they are magnetic. You can attach notes and memos to your fridge or other suitably magnetic receptive surface. These are not your ordinary fridge magnets! Made from a strong neodymium magnet in a plastic casing. Each magnet will hold up to approximately 8 sheets of A4 paper, however this depends on the gsm of the paper and the surface you are attaching them to. Metal surfaces will have a stronger attraction pull for the magnets as compared to a magnetic whiteboard or glassboard. Many customers also use these for the magnetic maps. They are 18mm by 10mm in size. We also sell other colours and sizes and a multicolour pack.

We strongly recommend due to the strength of these magnets to keep them away from children. Neodymium is amongst the strongest of magnets, it carries a risk of trapping skin and, if swallowed, they can cause damage to the digestive tract.