14 Red Neodymium Push Pin/Skittle Magnets for Home and Office

Size: 18mm x 10mm
Colour: Red

Each pin will hold approximately 8 sheets of A4 paper
Perfect for those stacks of memos, photos or even holding your keys!
Use on any magnetic surface to give your office or home a splash of colour

These are small magnets but they are strong for their size as they contain a high quality neodymium magnet! (see pictures for the size/scale)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries!

We also sell other colours and sizes and a multicolour pack.

We strongly recommend due to the strength of these magnets to keep them away from children. Neodymium is amongst the strongest of magnets, it carries a risk of trapping skin and, if swallowed, they can cause damage to the digestive tract.