//Ferrous/Rubber Steel

Rubber steel sheets have no magnetic pull of their own, but they are magnetically receptive. This means other magnets love to stick to them! You might be thinking ‘what’s the point of a magnetic sheet with no magnetism?!’ and you wouldn’t be alone! But it’s easy to forget about the presence of magnetic poles in magnets; whilst sometimes they attract they repel just as often and this can make it tough to get a good bond between the magnets! These rubber steel sheets solve that problem by having no poles of their own. This means you’ll get a much better attraction and be able to get much more from your magnets, whether they be craft magnets, our neodymium memo pins, or perhaps something else!

These rubber steel sheets are made from a flexible material containing ferrous steel. You’ll often hear them referred to as ferrous sheets because it’s this ferrous material that allows magnets to attract to it! They also have a sticky backing, so you can attach them to the surface of your choice if you wish. They come in a variety of common sizes such as A4, A3 and A2, but if you need a custom size then don’t hesitate to contact us because we’re certain we’ll be able to help.


Our customers have been able to find many uses for our rubber steel sheets. They are commonly employed as magnetic movement trays in wargames such as Warhammer and similar hobbies. They pair perfectly with some of our self-adhesive magnets. When stuck to the base of a model, these will allow it to remain firmly in place. This saves you time when moving them! We’ve even used a couple of them around the office to turn the wall into a magnetically receptive surface to hang one of our stylish magnetic memo boards from! (Be careful of paint or wallpaper though!)

Here For You!

Whatever your need, we’re sure our rubber steel sheets will be able to help! Get in touch with one of our team today and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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