Transform Your Kitchen With a Magnetic Memo Board – The Ultimate Guide to Organisation

Looking for an easy way to stay organised? Then try buying one of our magnetic memo boards! They’re a stylish, cost effective way to transform your home, kitchen or office from a confusing mess into a beautifully arranged centre of communication.

Here’s our handy guide so you can get your life in order with a memo board today!

Magnetic Kitchen Notice Board

Perhaps the best use for to your new memo board as a kitchen notice board. The average UK fridge is visited over 20 times per day, so it’s the ideal place to store important information!

A kitchen memo board will allow you to accomplish several things:

  • Reduce your food shopping bill, saving you money.
  • Stick to your diet or meal plan with ease.
  • Add beauty and style to the front of your fridge.
  • Communicate with family members all from one place.

And the best thing is, it’s so easy to get started!

Save Money with Your Kitchen Memo Board

When you go to make a drink or food, if you notice that you’re running low on something, simply add it to the shopping list section of your kitchen notice board. That way, when you next go shopping, you’ll know exactly what you need without having to think about it!

Often, it’s easy to ‘impulse buy’ in the supermarket, which means you normally end up spending more money on things you don’t really need. This can be particularly troublesome if you’re trying to follow a diet and lose weight, because you’re far more likely to buy things you’re craving! However, there’s no need to worry about that when you plan ahead with your magnetic kitchen notice board!

Stay on Track with Your Meal Plan

Eating healthily is never easy, and it’s so easy to slip up and reach for a bar of chocolate! If you are dieting, then it’s essential to track what you’re eating and plan your meals ahead of time. Luckily, our magnetic memo boards come with a section for each day of the week. Use them to write down what’s on the menu for that day and ensure you stay on track to achieving your goals!

Communicate with Family

Planning meals isn’t the only way to use your kitchen memo board! Why not use it to leave notes for yourself or your family. You’ll never have to worry about losing an important appointment again because you can store them all in one place; the kitchen fridge!

You can also use your memo board to pin up various items from around your home. They pair fantastically with a set of our neodymium memo magnets. These awesome little skittle pins not only look great, they’re seriously strong! Just one of them can hold up to 8 pieces of paper when stuck to a fridge. Proudly display your children’s art or schoolwork for all to see by pinning it up in the kitchen!

Big Style Doesn’t Have to Mean a Big Spend!

How much would a new kitchen worktop cost? What about a new floor? Why not opt for a much cheaper, yet more functional option and buy a magnetic memo board? Choose a colour to complement the room, attach it in an easy to see place, and let it bring new life to your home, without breaking the bank! And it gets better; if you should ever need to move it then it’s as simple as removing it and finding a new surface to attach it to. Easy!

Memo Boards in the Office

You’re not just limited to the kitchen when you buy a new magnetic memo board. They’re just as useful around your office! Use it as a visual reminder for everyone so they’ll never forget Wacky Tie day again!

Alternatively, keep it for yourself and watch your colleagues’ amazement at your newfound organisational abilities! They’ll never know about your secret weapon, or how easy it is to keep track of things!

Environmentally Friendly

Memo boards are a much more environmentally friendly way of remembering things than paper. When you’re done with your notes, simply erase them and reuse the board for something else!

When you buy one of our magnetic memo boards, you can rest easy knowing that all the materials that went into making them are responsibly sourced. We ethically audit all of our suppliers to ensure that not only are they treating their employees well, but they’re also caring for the environment!

As you can see, there are myriad uses for a memo board! Buy yours here: